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CreeHack v1.9 Pro

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Did you ever thought a way to be free in app purchase? Do you want to get paid app for free? Do you want to install paid games for free? Do you want to use unlimited coins and gems for completing several levels in the game for free of cost? If your Answer is yes than CreeHack is the option for you. There are other several Hacking tools which will get the job done for you but CreeHack is better than other hacking apps and tools. There are several features in CreeHack which makes CreeHack better than other hacking apps and tools such as:

  • CreeHack doesn’t require you to root your device.
  • CreeHack is free of cost.
  • You don’t need to pay any charges for hacking games and apps of Android device.
  • CreeHack need little information when you install it on your device.

Why CreeHack Download?

Apps developers pass the downloaders through different steps by which they earn money with their published apps and games. Game developers provide coins, gems to complete different levels of games and charge extra dollars for it. Plus you need to pay money to upgrade your version. Most of the useful apps have to be got by paying for them. CreeHack allows you get these app, games and useful features free of cost. This is the only hacking tool which don’t need you to root your device. It will get the job done for you without rooting your device.

How to Download CreeHack:

  • Download CreeHack from Play Store or the Official site of CreeHack app.
  • After downloading install the CreeHack APK on your device.
  • Open CreeHack and go to the setting and enable unknown sources in it.
  • Then go to the Download option in it and click.
  • Search for your favorite apps and games.

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AC Market 2.2.0 Mod Plus APK

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Here would can read our review and features of AC Market and download AC Market MOD v 2.2.0 free at the end.

Review Of AC Market:

AC Market is one of the most widely used apps and games store by android users. Android users love this store because it is simple to use and contains a lot more apps than Google Play store. There are different categories of apps and games for Android users such as:


  • Action Games
  • Normal Games
  • Strategy Games
  • Mind Games


  • Documentation Apps
  • Editing apps
  • Physical fitness apps
  • Educational apps
  • Web Apps
  • Books
  • File managers apps
  • A lot of social media apps.

Features of AC Market Store:

AC Market works like the other Android apps store. The following are the main features of AC Market.

  • Download apps and games.
  • Install millions of apps and games without any login trouble.
  • AC Market has one of the best collection of new and old useful apps and Games.
  • Keeps the users aware of the trend of new games and apps.
  • Provide you the latest launched apps and games.
  • The files, apps and games which you download from AC Market can be easily transferred to other Android devices.
  • The most attractive thing about AC Market is that the apps which are paid in Google Play store and other apps store are totally free of cost in AC Market.


AC Market is better suited to those persons who don’t want to spend their money on Apps and games because AC Market provide you apps and games free. AC Market is one of the biggest unofficial Apps store for Android users. The other best thing about AC Market is that the apps which you download from this store are transferable to others. Simply download useful apps and games and share it with your friends and family if they don’t Have AC Market installed on their Android phones.

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Features of AIO Downloader APK 2018

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AIO is an independent App, games, video and audio downloader for Android users. It is one of the widely liked and popular downloading app by Android users in the market. This app was introduced to the Android market in 2016 and since then its features are getting better and better and is gain more and more popularity among android users because it contains millions of new and useful apps and interesting games. AIO Downloader contains different stores like app store, video store, audio store, image store etc and these stores contains every single item which is one use to Android users. AIO Downloader is a perfect app for Android users because it satisfy Android users fully.

Features of AIO Downloader:

The following are the features of AIO Downloader.

  • Contains app store.
  • Contains video store.
  • Contains audio store.
  • Search your favorite apps easily.
  • AIO Downloader is more safe than Google Play store.
  • AIO Downloader is more secure.
  • In AIO Downloader you don’t need to log in for downloading any app, video, audio.
  • AIO Downloader is more fast and steady than other downloading apps.
  • Easily download different apps and songs.
  • With AIO Downloader you can download paid apps free of cost for your Android cell phone.
  • AIO Downloader can be used and run of Android version of 2.0 and above.
  • AIO Downloader enables you to watch online video of Youtube.
  • With AIO Downloader you can enjoy online music of Hollywood and Bollywood.
  • Keeps you aware of the trend of new launched apps, videos and audios.
  • Automatically updates your apps when its updated is launched by its developers.
  • AIO Downloader has a size of 3.5M.

For android users AIO Downloader is one of the best choice when it comes to Downloading apps. It has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 by its users.

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Download Dungeon Hunter 5 Mod APK

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dungeon hunter 5 mod apk

The has been pushed to darkness and chaos and the people need to protect themselves against bandits, monsters, devils and an unknown terror. The world has been destroyed for every one but these are one of the best days for bounty hunters and mercenaries. Because people will pay a high price for justice to them so its an opportunity for them. So you will be provided with this situation and provided two options either to fight for good or gold? You need to choose among these two situation.

Download Dungeon Hunter 5 MOD APK at the end for free.

dungeon hunter 5 mod apkroid

Features of Dungeon Hunter MOD APK:

The following are the main features of the game.

  • Chase monster, dark servants, demons and other villains who try to harm innocent people.
  • There are more than 90 exciting missions in this game.
  • Unmatched graphics and HD features show the environment and the characters just like a real world.
  • Above 900 weapons and armors are provided to your hero which makes the fun of fighting more interesting to you.
  • You can use spells and other special skills against your enemy as you go further and further in the game.
  • You can play this game with your friends by multiplayer option.
  • You can make group of 3 friends which will fight along side with you against every enemy.
  • Winning from your opponent allows you to take its resources.

Additional Information About Dungeon Hunter 5:

  • This game was updated for the last time on 18 January 2018.
  • This game can be played on Android version of 4.0.3 and above.
  • This game by designed and developed by Gameloft who are very popular among Android users.
  • Content rating of this game is 12+ which makes it high ranked game in the app store.
  • The current version of this game is 3.3.0j.
  • More than 500000000 players installed and are playing this game.

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Newest Launched Badminton Rackets Of Yonex

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newest launched badminton rackets

Yonex launched several new rackets in different series in the end of 2017. These rackets are designed for intermediate players with aggressive playing style. In this article we are about to show you these rackets with specifications and features.

Newest Launched Badminton Rackets List:

Here is a list of 2 newest launched rackets by Yonex.

  • Yonex Voltric 0.5 DG Badminton Racket.
  • Yonex Voltric 0.7 DG Badminton Racket.

Yonex Voltric 0.5 DG Badminton Racket:

Voltric series has a tri voltage system with head heavy frame design. Head heavy rackets helps you to attain maximum power with high speed. This is one of the newest launched racket of Yonex in Voltric series which is made up of Graphite material frame. Graphite material allows the racket to sustain the string tension with high amount of durability.

newest launched badminton rackets

Features Of Racket:

The following are the main features of this racket.

  • Its frame is made up of high modulus graphite.
  • It is a flexible racket.
  • String tension of the racket is 26lbs.
  • The overall weight of the racket is 88gm.

Yonex Voltric 0.7 DG Badminton Racket:

This racket is designed for intermediate players and is best for smashes because of its head heavy frame and with a string tension of 35lbs. this racket is made with an advance technology of nanometer DR. Nanometer material is usually used by aircrafts industry for the purpose of light weight and higher durability. It got a frame of Aero Box concept which gives better maneuverability. In its frame tungsten insfused grommets are used for better control over the racket.

Features Of the Racket:

Following are the important features of the racket.

  • Its frame is basically made up of high modulus graphite which makes it lighter in weight but durablae.
  • Its shaft is flexible for more power and energy.
  • The string tension of the racket is 26lbs.
  • Its weight is 88gm.

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